Best Practice summary for JIRA Upgrade (7.x) process

The blog post is a summary of the well-known best practice process for updating Jira software. I created this little step-by-step instruction because I do not do full-time Jira administration, so that helps me each time for installing new updates.

Before you do an upgrade, make sure all used Add-ons are supporting the new Version. Do not upgrade to a new Version to early, because it can end up in some compatibility problems. Give the developers of the third-party software some time for their updates.

Please note: Allways do a Backup of your Jira instances and test the upgrade process in a non-productive environment.

Step 1 – Backup Files:

Before saving the Jira files, its required to stop the service.

Now copy the content from the installation path to a backup folder (You can use WinSCP to connect to the server, and copy the files with SFTP to a secure backup destination.)

Step 2 – Update System:

Now prepare for the installation and update the system.

Step 3 – Download Jira:

Download the Version, you want to upgrade to.

Step 4 – Start Upgrade:

Make the downloaded binary files executable and execute it.

It will ask you to continue and backup jira.

After this step the installer shows all changes, please check them all before continuing with the upgrade process!

You now will be asked to keep



That’s it, hopefully it works 🙂

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