Changing evaluation Windows Server key to full license key

This post entry describes, how to change the evaluation license to a full license key.

Before you can start, please make sure, that your license key matches for the right evaluation edition. To check this out, just follow the steps bellow:

1. run the command line cmd as administrator.
2. type in DISM /online /Get-CurrentEdition

Now check the current edition output. For example Windows Server 2012/2016 Standard: “ServerStandardEval” (Eval stands for evaluation).

After that steps, you have to check out, which version you are able to activate.

3. type in the command DISM /online /Get-TargetEditions

You will now get the possible target editions. If you are able to change the version to a full Standard license, then you will see the output: “ServerStandard” (without the Prefix Eval at the end).

Ok, now you know, which edition is currently running and you also know, to which edition you are able to change to. Those are some optional prerequired steps, to verify the edition. To activate the full license, you need to execute just one command:

4. type in DISM /online /Set-Edition:<Edition> /ProductKey:<Product Key> /AcceptEula


That’s it – you’re done!

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