[short] Raspberry Pi headless ssh activation

If you want to access your Raspberry Pi, then you need to activate the ssh server. By default ssh is deactivated.

There is a short way to activate your raspberry pi without a keyboard and monitor (headless). Just insert your SD-Card to your PC and at a file named “ssh” to the /boot folder.

After boot up your Raspberry Pi, scan the network and look up for the assigned ip-address (requires enabled DHCP server on your network). Now use an ssh client and connect to your Pi. To grant access use the default username (pi) and the default password (raspberry).

Enable SSH for next boot:

Navigate to “Interfacing Options”:

interfacing options

select “SSH”:

Raspberry Pi SSH Server

Select “Yes” to enable the SSH server:

enable SSH Server

By the way:
Don’t forget to change your password!

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