Visual Studio Code remote file editing on Raspberry Pi

Development System:

1.) Install “Remote VSCode” Plugin for Visual Studio Code

Open the Plugin Manager (STRG+SHIFT+X) and search for Remote VSCode –> Install and restart VS Code.

2.) Configure the “Remote VSCode” Plugin

Open the User settings, by using the shortcut: STRG+(COMMA “,”)

Apply following settings:

3.) Start the Remote Server

Start the Plugin by Press F1 and type in: Remote: Start Server

4.) Install “Windows-Subsystem for Linux”

Follow this simple Guide to install the Windows-Subsystem for Linux:

It’s done in less then 5 mins.

5.) Setup SSH Tunnel Port redirect

Open the freshly installed linux subsystem and connect to the raspberry pi via ssh by redirecting the used port:


Raspberry Pi:

1.) Install rmate for the Raspberry Pi

Install Rmate on the raspberry pi.

1.) Open remote file on Visual Studio code:

Execute rmate and use the full file path to open the file in the Visual Studio code editor.





3 thoughts on “Visual Studio Code remote file editing on Raspberry Pi

  1. Hi,
    could you please fix the command snippets? At least in my case they are displayed wrong which took me some time to find the Errors:
    Setup SSH Tunnel:
    ssh -R 52698:localhost:52698 @
    => in my Case: ssh -R 52698: pi@

    Open remote file:
    rmate -p 52698
    (according to Remote VSCode documentation)

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