Visual Studio Code remote file editing on Raspberry Pi

Development System:

1.) Install “Remote VSCode” Plugin for Visual Studio Code

Open the Plugin Manager (STRG+SHIFT+X) and search for Remote VSCode –> Install and restart VS Code.

2.) Configure the “Remote VSCode” Plugin

Open the User settings, by using the shortcut: STRG+(COMMA “,”)

Apply following settings:

3.) Start the Remote Server

Start the Plugin by Press F1 and type in: Remote: Start Server

4.) Install “Windows-Subsystem for Linux”

Follow this simple Guide to install the Windows-Subsystem for Linux:

It’s done in less then 5 mins.

5.) Setup SSH Tunnel Port redirect

Open the freshly installed linux subsystem and connect to the raspberry pi via ssh by redirecting the used port:


Raspberry Pi:

1.) Install rmate for the Raspberry Pi

Install Rmate on the raspberry pi.

1.) Open remote file on Visual Studio code:

Execute rmate and use the full file path to open the file in the Visual Studio code editor.





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